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UNESCO Prize for innovation in education won by ThinkLink

UNESCO Prize for innovation in education won by ThinkLink
UNESCO Prize for innovation in education won by ThinkLink

UNESCO has selected ThingLink digital application to receive the 2018 UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa-Al Khalifa Prize for the use of ICT in Education. The tool aims to improve the learning experience of children, including those with learning disabilities. Also available as a mobile and tablet app, the tool assists students to get involved in the learning process by being actors of their own learning experience.

“Adding the materials to the image using ThingLink is the easiest part of the process, but as it is the student who owns the process, it empowers and engages them in a new way,” underlines the CEO.

The user especially the student can use a phone or tablet to take a photo of a thing like a plant, a historical artifact or an old family photograph. And start enriching the image with more information, perhaps text and voice notes about what it is, closeup photos, drawings, or video clips. The different stages of the process turn children’s creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. In addition to this, it supports digital literacy, research, and documentation of learning.

According to CEO, Ulla Maaria Koivula the company also wants to use its technology for the documentation of the local heritage.

“Documenting local knowledge and practices in the cloud creates a new kind of global learning environment. It's like a global virtual school built by teachers and students that is always open,” notes Ulla Maaria Koivula.

ThinkLink founder and CEO hope the UNESCO’s recognition of their work will bring more partners and will inspire more women across the world to come up with new solutions to the many challenges in global education today.

How it works:

To use the application the user which can be a student or a teacher has to log in with email, Microsoft Office 365, Google, Facebook, or use LTI login on LMS. After login the application, the user can use the features provided by the editor to enhance the images or videos with links and additional info. The user can also share his or her creation with others.

ThinkLink also provides different pricing plans for the users liken Business Pricing Plans, Education Pricing Plans, NPO Pricing, Elearning Pricing, etc.

News Source: UNESCO

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