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Free IIT JEE 2018 Mock Test For Aspiring Students

Free IIT JEE 2018 Mock Test For Aspiring Students
Free IIT JEE 2018 Mock Test For Aspiring Students

Eduwhere.in is India’s latest test preparation platform which offers students and aspiring candidates, studying for competitive right insights to test they are preparing for.

They cover almost all the mock test papers and practice sets based on the exam patterns and latest syllabus. The institution aims to ensure the test takers excel in their efforts and score big by practicing right for different competitive exams.

In their endeavor, Eduwhere has announced to conduct an all India National Mock Test for JEE Main 2018 on April 2 & 3. The complete mock test will be based on latest JEE syllabus and test pattern. Aspirants can only view their all India rank, solutions & detailed analysis report by April 4 (Wednesday), can practice more with previous years question papers & free practice tests available on www.eduwhere.in

Some of the highlights of the mock test

  1. Enrolment for IIT-JEE 2018 Mock Test is completely free.
  2. A student can only attempt this test once and if submitted or aborted cannot be re-attempted.
  3. Once the test is started, a student can't abort before the scheduled examination hours i.e. three hours.
  4. The exam will be conducted from 2nd to 3rd April 2018.
  5. Students as per their convenience, you can start the free online mock test series anytime between 8 A.M. from 2nd April 2018 to 8 P.M. 3rd April 2018.
  6. Once the test is submitted, the student can see his/her final score immediately.
  7. Other details like all India rank, solutions, and detailed analysis report will be available on 4th April 2018.

Click here to visit Eduwhere.in website. All the test…

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