CBSE sample papers for Class X and Class XII

CBSE has released the sample question papers for Class X and XII for the session 2020-21. The sample papers will give an idea about the complexity of the questions and help them to be ready for the final exams. Along with the sample papers, Marking Scheme is also released for students’ reference.

CBSE Sample Papers

The CBSE sample papers for Class X is available at the following link. The sample papers are for Science, Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy, Elements of Business, English (Language & Literature), Hindi A, Hindi B, Home Science, Computer Application, Mathematics (Basic), Mathematics (Standard), Social Science, NCC, Hindustani Music (Melodic), Hindustani Music (Percussion), Hindustani Music (Vocal), Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments, Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments, Carnatic Music-Vocal, Painting, and Sanskrit subject.

The CBSE sample papers for Class XX is available at the following link. The sample papers are for Accountancy, Biology, Biotechnology, Business Studies, Carnatic Melodic, Carnatic Percussion, Carnatic Vocal, Commercial Art, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dance Manipuri, Economics, Engg. Graphic, English Core, English Elective, Entrepreneurship, Hindi Aichhik, Hindi Adhaar, History, Hindustani Music (Melodic), Hindustani Music (Percussion), Hindustani Music (Vocal), Home Science, Informatics Practices, Japanese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Legal Studies, Mathematics, NCC, Painting, Graphic, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Sanskrit Core, and Sanskrit Elective subject.

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