CBSE Cartoon series Cogito and The Question Book

CBSE has always taken innovative and create steps to ensure effective and efficient learning in the school students, and this time they have come up with comic series.

Skills connected to critical & creative thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, and communication are core to success. In order to focus these competencies, the CBSE in collaboration with the Central Square Foundation, New Delhi has come up with two unique series namely ”Cogito’ and ‘The Question book’ to promote them through joyful reading. The comic books are designed to be a good resource for the students for PISA 2022.

Ankit and Ankita are the characters of both the cartoon series. According to CBSE’s tweet, the cartoon series explores how to know the truth of something and the process of problem-solving.

There are various episodes in the CBSE Cartoon series Cogito and The Question Bank and are developed in a very creative way to make sure it will be an interesting journey for the kids.

Interested students or teaching staff can download these comic series from the CBSE Official website and from Diksha Portal.

Download link for CBSE Cartoon series Cogito and The Question Bank:

  1. Cogito: Click here to down this comic from the CBSE website.
  2. The Question Bank: Click here to down this comic from the CBSE website.

For our readers knowledge: –

PISA stands for Programme for International Student Assessment. Click here to visit their official website.

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